SEO Checker

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Keyword Research Tool

Our Keyword Research tool takes out the guessing and shows you exactly what users are searching for. Most people 'guess' on what they 'think' their keywords should be. Sound familiar? You will be able to:

  • Write your articles based upon what end users are actually searching for
  • See what your COMPETITORS are using on their sites

You will learn how to improve and simplify keyword research and analysis with the SkyBox Keyword Research Tool.

Technical Audit Tool

A prosperous site is a healthy site.

How many times have you linked to a partner site and the partner, at some point, changed their link? You will be able to generate a detailed report such as broken links, images, server issues and page-not-found errors.

You will have confidence that your site is up and running strong with our SkyBox Technical Audit Tool.


Most people ask "What the heck is a sitemap?".

The sitemap is an XML file that the average human can't make heads or tails of. It has a specific format of code that the search engines read to define the pages on your site. As you add pages, the sitemap should grow.

Our Sitemap Generator Tool takes care of that for you. Push a button. It's created.





SEO Analysis Tool

Our SEO Analysis Tool will take a look at your site and give you a general SEO audit report with helpful advice and, of course, warnings if you have gone astray... or off the grid!  It will also give you:

  • A keyword-specific optimization report covering all SEO-prominent page areas
  • A report that will help you detect issues that may influence your site rankings in mobile search.

You will learn White Hat SEO techniques for the best-selling keywords with our SkyBox SEO Analysis Tool.


You will learn how to streamline your internal link juice and increase your site visibility on search engines. This tool provides:

  • Internal link text analysis to help you establish your site theme and get the most from semantic search
  • Analysis to see how search engines treat your Landing page

Read more about our SkyBox Internal Links Optimization Tool.

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