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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core of our business. Without a good, strong, organic SEO foundation, a business will have to continually shell out money month after month, marketing to people that are trying to find their products and services. It sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?

SEO isn't rocket science, but it's close. That's why many SEO companies farm it out to Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing. We educate ourselves on SEO, get weekly updates (sometimes daily) as to what is happening across the SEO kingdom. We know well in advance what Google is going to be launching, because they tell us. We tell our clients and make them aware of what is going to happen. We then have a chance to prepare, making whatever changes are necessary so our SEO doesn't skip a beat.

SEO Fort Myers, FL

It's in our blood; our knowledge & expertise is in SEO.

With our team of SEO experts and developers, Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing is your Fort Myers, FL SEO company with the know-how to provide search engine optimization services that are tailored to your needs. We've been doing this for over 20 years and we're still going strong.

Your Business Data Footprint

As small as the world has gotten, the internet is a huge space. With over 1 billion websites, how many of them have information about your business? Is it accurate? Is there another business showing up at your address? What about the phone number? Did someone have that before you got it? Are you in a co-working space? How about a home-based businesses?

Your business data must be accurate in as many large directories and search engines as possible. Directories like Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo! Small Business, Yelp For Business, Apple Maps and about 50 more.  To see how your business looks across the internet, use our FREE MyBusiness Data Footprint tool. It will give you everything you need to know about your business information.

Keyword Research

We typically begin our Keyword Research with our Competitive Keyword Research tool. With a clear understanding of what your competitor is getting response to, we can help you make a decision on whether to use some of their keywords or not.

Ultimately, our Keyword Research tool enables us to, not only get the basic keywords people are searching for, but gives us those secondary keywords that could be a goldmine that your competitors may be missing.

All of this should be done in the planning stages of your site. I've seen many people just start building pages with no research at all. While you may think you know what people are searching for, why not take the time to do it right?

Site Structure

Once the keyword research is done, when doing web development, a site structure blueprint should be created. Basically, it should be built in the order of importance, with no more than 3 clicks to a final destination page.

We will map out the findings of the Keyword Research and discuss the site structure and any changes that might need to be made in order to be SEO optimized.

Page SEO Optimization

There are several things that go into consideration when building your pages for good SEO. Those are:

  • The URL or domain name
  • The <title> Tag
  • The Meta Description Tag
  • The <h1> Headline Tags

These 4 elements are critical. We will help you determine what will get you the best traction for your efforts. If the keyword research has been done properly, this will pay off in foot traffic!

Page Content

It should go without saying by now, your content should be unique. 

While it is time consuming, it is required. Creating content with enough volume that is also unique is a difficult task, especially on large sites.

No longer can you just copy and paste content from a vendor or manufacturer's website. It is considered DUPLICATE CONTENT and will crush you in the rankings. The best chance to reank well within the SERPs is to do it right. Whether you use our content writers or provide the copy yourself, it must be original.

Page Authority

Building Page Authority is one of the most important tasks for anyone doing SEO. While the search engines used to be all about 'domain authority', they've realized that even some of the smallest sites could have better information on a single page.

While there are many different aspects that go into building strong page authority, it starts with good content, good page optimization, good internal links and backlinks from quality domains. We will coordinate this every step of the way in the planning process.

Schema Markup

All of the site we build come with schema markup. Schema markup, we fondly call seo code, is key in controlling what is delivered in search results on most prominent search engines, especially Google and Bing.

Our developers study the changes that go on every month, so you don't have to. You can conduct business as usual, knowing that your site has the best SEO on the maket today.

Backlink Quality Check

Good, high qualty backlinks are imperative in developing a good SEO strategy. We will analyze your current backlinks, your competition's backlinks and help you develop a strategy on growing more. In addition, we'll let you know which backlinks may be TOXIC, dragging your results down. We will give you the best advice on how to take care of those and get them removed from your profile.

Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking is like the stock market, they go up according to the market and competition, they go down accordingly. Your business will recieve ongoing advice on how to compete with specific keywords, how to grow them and, occaisionally, why you should ignore them.

Sitemap Submission

Your xml sitemap will be submitted by our SEO Coach to Google, Bing, Yandex, Duck-Duck-go and more. It will also be updated on your server every time you make a change to your website, notifying the search engines that you are doing your job, updating the content for the end user.

You will generate more foot traffic with fresh, relative content.

Competitive Analysis

In our opinion, this is one of the most important things we do for you. If you don't know your competition, how can you possibly get ahead of them? With Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing, we'll give you a complete online strategy of how to beat them. Knowing who your Dangerous Competitors are, what kind of traffic they are getting, what businesses they are doing with, what they are promoting on Social Media, how they are ranking by keyword and rankings by search engine.

If you want more foot traffic...a greater market share...we can help you get it!

Let's get started.

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SEO Companies

Most local SEO companies play catch up. Most local SEO companies don't keep on top of what is coming down the road because it is time consuming. Most local SEO companies don't keep up on the schema markup because they do not have developers on staff. Most local SEO companies not have access to all the greatest SEO tools because it is too expensive. So, whether you are searching for SEO Ft. Myers, SEO Estero, SEO Bonita Springs or SEO near me, make sure you ask the right questions and find out if they stay ahead of the curve. It is important to your bottom line.

If you haven't noticed by now, Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing is different than most local SEO companies.

  • We keep on top of what is coming down the pike with monthly seminars, weekly chats and daily contact with Pro's in the industry.
  • We have developers on staff to write schema markup, whether it is on our platform, Wordpress, Weebly, etc.
  • We have access to the finest suite of SEO Tools in the industry, SEO SkyBox Suite. We pull in api's from SEMRush, Moz, Google, Lighthouse, Alexa, Majestic and more.

Good SEO creates good foot traffic. Foot traffic increases sales. Increased sales equals increased Market Share.

Red Sneakers Mobile Marketing... foot traffic delivered!


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